Our history

In the 1920s, at the Brazilian city of Campina Grande an entrepreneur called José Luiz de Sousa starts his enterprise working as a mechanical and woodsmith in the region. With skill, knowledge and a vision ahead of his time, he starts making a sisal defribilator, and, right after, one of the first forage machines for grass.


In the 1960s, under the management of João Guimarães de Sousa, new models were created and perfected, such as the machine which combines the function of cacti cutting and grass shredding. .


Laboremus created machines with increased functionalities, with high quality and high durability for agricultural machinery. It didn’t take long for the company to gain national awareness and become a regional leader..


Laboremus is a serious company, which is concerned with both the quality of its products and the quality of life of its employees. We are proud to have an experienced and engaged team with technology and functionality. Today, the result of this work is seen in the several machines as the forage shredders, palers, scales and shredders for hay and sugar cane..


To transcend generations with innovative and reliable products which contribute to the sustainability and productivity of the land”.


“To stand out among the competitors as a sustainable company, known for its quality and innovation at the local and international market in the next five years”.


Fabiano Dias de Souza

Marcos Valério Dias de Souza

CNI Award 2009

The National Industrial Federation (Confederação Nacional da Indústria – CNI), awarded second place at the category ‘Innovation and Productivity – small industries.

Project ‘Small Sized Electrolytic Hydrogen Generator’: a machine which works by generating hydrogen on site for the process of analysis by chromatography, used in the quality control of the food, pharmaceutical and lab industries.

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