Techical Data:

Electric motor:
Power: 10,0 to 15,0 HP
Rotation: 3500 rpm


Diesel/gasoline motor
Power: 10.5 to 15.5 HP
Rotation: 2000-3500 rpm

We recommend using the highest power motor when using high-rotation diesel / diesel/gasoline engine (aluminum body) to extend its lifetime

Machine rotation: 2625 rpm

Version: LC8000N

Our ensiling machines LC6000n and LC8000n have been redesigned to meet the most demanding cattle farmers, bringing a host of new features. They have a new spring pressure regulating system that is easier to operate and a new system for the Grain Grinding Kit through cartridges, which are safer more efficient. The entire body was reinforced with thicker plates.
Ideal for cutting grass, cane, sorghum, corn and other species of green fodder for silage. The Grain-Grinding Kit (optional) grinds corn kernels and ears.
Included: grinding screens with perforation sizes 3,18; 6,35 and 12,7 mm, and flat (no perforations).
The cutting system is driven by belts, which allows for an easy maintenance, and cuts of 5 and 10 mm.
Ask us about the Cutting Kit, which allows you to increase the possibility of cuts to 4, 6, 10 and 12 mm (optional accessory).


4 mm cut

6 mm cut

10 mm cut

12 mm cut

Grain-Shredding Kit

Exclusive system that enables the machine to shred grain in different sizes, with no need to buy a separate machine.


Shreds with 1,60 mm screen

Shreds with 3,18 mm screen

Shreds with 6,35 mm screen


Grass/sugar cane2500 a 8000
Cornmeal medium (3,18mm)400 a 450
Cornmeal coarse (6,35mm)550 a 700
Corn ears (12,7 mm)400 a 450

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