Single-phase motors are ideal for relieving the starting torque surge, thus leaving softer starts without causing damage to the equipment. The motors that equip the Laboremus machines are manufactured with the highest technology and quality standards.

Technical Data:

Electric motor:
Power: 2,0 to 3,0HP
Rotation: 3500 rpm


Diesel/gasoline motor
Power: 4,0 to 6,0 HP
Rotation: 2000-3500 rpm

Machine’s rotation: 2625rpm

Versions: FS2n e FS2n/2.0e

LABOREMUS’ choppers have a robust structure and design that make them easy to use and maintain. With a great performance, they chop grass, sorghum, cassava green branches, roots, spuds and other types of green and dry forages.
With our system of screens, you can also grind corn kernels, ears and straw, improving your cost-benefit factor.

The choppers include grinding screens with opening sizes 1,60; 3,18; 6,35 and 12,7 mm, and flat sheet (without holes).



Cut both green and dry products and crush grain in one single machine.

Screen system

Shreds corn (including husks and ears) and other grain in different sizes to prepare several types of feed.


Cut with blades

Shredded with 1,0 mm screen

Shredded with 6,35 mm screen

Shredded with 3,18 mm screen

Shredded with 3,18 mm screencom peneira 12.7 mm

And more:

  • Epoxy painting for more resistance and longer lifetime.
  • Self-compensating bearings for more durability.
  • Belt protections according to Brazilian safety norm NR12.
  • Easy maintenance and remote assistance.

Version 2.0e includes:

  • Intermittent 2 HP motor for forages developed by Nova Motores.
  • Motor, pulley, belts and on/off switch factory-ready. Just plug and use!



Grass600 a 1000
Cornmeal fine (1,6mm)200 a 250
Cornmeal medium (3,18mm)250 a 600
Cornmeal coarse (6,35mm)250 a 450
Corn ears (12,7 mm)200 a 450

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* The current products may be different from the images shown.