Techical Data:

Electric motor:
Power: 7,5 to 10,0 HP
Rotation: 3500 rpm

Machine rotation: 2070 rpm

VersIon: TF150 – Hay and Grains Shredder

This equipment was designed to reduce the waste of fresh hay and to reduce the risk of diseases by ingesting contaminated hay fallen on the floor.

The hay bale is placed on a tray at the height of the feeder, where it is unravelled to the inlet of the crusher, passing through a system of combs and serrated waits in a pre-grind, and then through screens, which decrease the particle size to 1.5 cm or 3.0 cm according to the perforation diameter.

It doubles the hay yield and cuts the cost by half.

With the help of the TF GRAIN KIT, it crushes maize kernels and ears.

Double output

Avoids wasting the hay that falls from the feeder, assuring a better efficiency.

Corn grinder

You can also shred corn kernels and ears, with an optional accessory.


Hay Shreddered with 6,35mm

Hay Shreddered with 12,7mm



HAY 1,5cm80 kg/h
HAY 3,0cm150 kg/h
CORNMEAL – SCREEN 1,6mm100 a 150
REFINED XEREM – SCREEN 3,18mm180 a 210
THICK XEREM – SCREEN 6,35mm250 a 450
CORNCOB – SCREEN 12,7mm200 a 400

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