Version: EL15

The EL15 hand baler is a grass compactor which uses a lever system that considerably reduces the operator’s effort to produce rectangular bales. It is made of steel plates and corners, has a reinforced structure and is easy to handle and move around.

It presses different types of haying grasses (species with thin stems and legumes), including native grass resulting from clearing the soil, with excellent compaction.

Ideal for small and medium farmers who want to reduce the cost of haying and optimize storage space and can generate extra income for the property.


Easy usage

The lever system considerably reduces the effort of the operator during the production of bales. The retractable support and wide wheels allow an easy transportation.

Strength and durability

Made with steel sheets and corners. Reinforced structure with easy handling and transport.

Excellent Production

Made of steel plates and corners. Reinforced structure and easy handling and transport.

Produces bales with excellent compaction and weighing between 10 and 15kg. Its average yield is approximately 100 bales per day (using two operators and according to the humidity and type of grass used).

Techical Data:

BALE45cm x 40cm x 65cm
PRODUCTION80t to 100 units
WEIGHT10 e 15 kg

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