Versão: BL300Pro e BL300sPro

The BL300pro LABOREMUS mobile scale was designed for small animals and general use on a property. Its main structure is made of reinforced steel tubes, wooden floor, pneumatic wheels 3,25 x 8″ and a system that allows its transport while maintaining its regulation.
Weighs up to 300 kg with precision and easy stabilization of the ruler. It can be transformed into digital through the Digital Kit.
It is the official scales of the main exhibitions of goats and sheeps in the Northeast of Brazil and approved by the most demanding breeders.

New features
The BL300Spro has the same requirements of the others models, but allows to weight more than one animal at the same time, as well as bigger pigs and wooly sheeps of up to 300kg.

Resistance and durability
Steel tubes structure and wooden floor.

Easy assembling and transport
The weighing system has a retractable support and wide weels, that allows an easy transporting without deregulating the equipment.


Technical Data:


CAGE(WxHxL)50cm x 90cm x 120cm70cm x 90cm x 150cm
STRUCTURE(WxHxL)61cm x 150cm x 120cm80cm x 150cm x 150cm
CAPACITY/INTERVAL300kg / 200g300kg / 200g

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