Technical Data:

TRO3000 (Offshore)
7.5 hp motor – 220V ∕ 380V ∕ 440V, 2 pole, 50 or 60 HZ, explosion proof or IP55.
Equipment rotation: 2600 rpm
Production up to 3000Kg/h


TRO5000 (Offshore)
15.0 hp motor, 220V ∕ 380V ∕ 440V, 2 pole, 50 or 60 HZ, explosion proof or IP55.
Equipment rotation: 2600 rpm
Product up to 5000Kg/h

Version: TRO 3000 e TRO 5000

TRO3000 & TRO5000 – Laboremus’ Organic Waste Crushers for Composting are ideal for reducing particle size of waste generated by crops, composting plants, food waste from kitchens and cafeterias of large restaurants and supermarkets. These machines reduce storage volume, making it easier to handle and transport waste.
They process fruits, vegetables, leftover food, green coconut, dried coconut, coconut and palm leaves, banana tree trunks, trimmed tree branches (up to 50mm), among others.

Green coconut shell

Dehydrated coconut shells

Dried coconut shells

Pruning twigde poda

Coconut palm / palm straw


Orange Skin

Banana tree trunkde bananeira


Technical Features:

– Reinforced steel sheets structure, rotor with 3 horizontal blades and 3 sets of 5 vertical blades in the composting version.
– Horizontal product feeder for vegetables/fruit and vertical feeder for long products. It has curtain system for protection from returning particles.

– Surface treatment in degreasing and phosphating baths, primer and corrosion resistant PU paints.
– Belts and pulleys enclosed for protection.
– Equipment designed not to allow open access to sharp parts without procedures according to Brazilian standards NR10 and NR12.
– Power, Control and Security Panel Pedestal, composed of: Starting switch; Power contactor; 24VDC source; Reset button; Dual on / off button; Emergency button; Emergency Safety Relay; Safety Relay for mechanical lock key; Zero Speed Relay; Breaker engine; monopolar circuit breaker; AZM key 161; Equipment structure added with interlocking relay and magnetic relay to only allow access to the interior after the complete engine shutdown.
– Customizations available.

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