Technical Data:

TRO3000 (Offshore)
7.5 hp motor, 220V ∕ 380V ∕ 440V, 2 pole, 50 or 60 HZ, explosion proof or IP55.
Equipment rotation: 2600 rpm
Production up to 3000Kg/h


TRO5000 (Offshore)
15.0 hp motor, 220V ∕ 380V ∕ 440V, 2 pole, 50 or 60 HZ, explosion proof or IP55.
Equipment rotation: 2600 rpm
Product up to 5000Kg/h

Version: TRO 3000 e TRO 5000

TRO 3000 and 5000 Offshore – Laboremus’ Offshore Organic Waste Shredders are made for naval industry, offshore and onshore areas, oil rigs, ships, dredgers, positioned outside to dispose of organic kitchen and refectory waste in the sea, according to MARPOL * standard, which requires a maximum particle size of 25 mm x 25 mm.
This equipment has the advantage of an easy feeding of waste adn large production capacity, which speeds up the whole process.

Compliant with Brazilian standards NR10 and NR12, they were tested and approved by the largest and most demanding companies in the sector, both national and international, over the last 15 years.

They process fruit, vegetables, leftover food, bones, fish and others.

MARPOL 73/78

Laboremus TRO Offshore products are used to comply with rules 3 and 4 of Annex V of the standard.
* 1-C of Regulation 3, present in Annex V – Rules for the prevention of pollution of garbage from MARPOL 73/78 ships, which reads:
“The release of the waste in the sea specified in subparagraph b) ii) of this rule may be authorized when this garbage has been passed through a disintegrator or grinder and is released as far as possible from the nearest land, but in any case is prohibited if it is made less than 3 nautical miles from the nearest land. This crumbled or crushed waste should be able to pass through a grid with holes no larger than 25mm. ”

2- of Rule 4, present in Annex V – Rules for the prevention of the pollution of garbage from MARPOL 73/78 ships:
“Discarding of food waste may be permitted when it has been passed by a disintegrator or crusher, from fixed or floating platforms, when situated more than 12 nautical miles from land and all vessels moored to or less than 500 m from such platforms, such crumbling or crushed food waste should be able to pass through a grid with holes not exceeding 25mm. ”

Download here the full Legislation.

Green coconut shell


Orange Skin


Technical Features:

– Complete structure in reinforced steel sheets, rotor with 27 vertical steel blades, further reducing processed particles in offshore version.
– Horizontal product feeder for vegetables/fruit and vertical feeder for long products. It has curtain system for protection from returning particles.
– Mounted with self-compensating bearings in external, split bearing cases for easy maintenance.
– Surface treatment in degreasing and phosphating baths, primer and corrosion resistant PU paints.
– Belts and pulleys enclosed for protection.

– Equipment designed not to allow open access to cutting parts without procedures according to Brazilian standards NR10 and NR12.
– Power, Control and Security Panel Pedestal, composed of: Starting switch; Power contactor; 24VDC source; Reset button; Dual on / off button; Emergency button; Emergency Safety Relay; Safety Relay for mechanical lock key; Zero Speed Relay; Breaker engine; monopolar circuit breaker; AZM key 161; Equipment structure added with interlocking relay and magnetic relay to only allow access to the interior after the complete engine shutdown.

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