Techical Data:

Electric motor:
Power: 7,5 to 10,0 HP
Rotation: 3500 rpm


Diesel/gasoline motor
Power: 8,0 to 10,0 HP
Rotation: 2000-3500 rpm

Machine rotation: 2625 rpm

We advise to use this machine with gasoline or diesel motors of high rotation (greater than 3000 rpm), and power above 10,0 HP to increase the product’s lifetime.

VersIon: MTCn

The MTCn Cactus Crusher was designed to process the native vegetation of the semi-arid, including Pilosocereus, Cereus jamacaru and other thorny cacti, without the need of the burning, transforming the material into a paste or a homogeneous bran without spines to be mixed with bulky (corn, bran, pomace, etc.). MTCn also cuts grasses and crushes corn in grains through its screens.

The goal is to replace the old custom of burning (sometimes sacrificing the plant), by an inexpensive and healthy process, introducing a new feeding habit for the animals in periods of drought and also, encouraging the management and replanting of native vegetation in a more sustainable and ecologically correct way

Processing without burning

MTCn processes cacti and other typical plant from dry climates without burning and without traces of thorns. It can also cut grass and grind corn kernels.

Screen system

Shreds cacti and grain in different sizes.


Cut with 6,35mm

Cut with 6,35mm

Cut with 6,35mmcom peneira 6.35 mm

Speed, economy and sustainability

Great option to replace the practice of burning by a quicker and cheaper process. In this manner, the animals have a better nutrition during the dry periods. Be eco-friendly: only cut the aerial and ends of the plants to allow them to regrow.

And more!

  • Epoxy painting for more resistance and longer lifetime.
  • Self-compensating bearings for more durability.
  • Belt protections according to Brazilian safety norm NR12.
  • Easy maintenance and remote assistance.




CEREUS JAMACARU – SCREEN 6,35mm350 a 400
PILOSOCEREUS -SCREEN 6,35mm450 a 550
PILOSOCEREUS -SCREEN 4,76mm400 a 450
CORNMEAL – FINE 1,6mm350 a 450
CORNMEAL – MEDIUM – Screen 3,18mm600 a 700
CORNMEAL – COARSE- SCREEN 6,35mm700 a 1000
CORN WITH EAR – Screen 12,7mm250 a 400

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