Silage bag fillers help preserve breeding feed for longer periods of time.

Version: SBL35n

Following the same principle of large silage filers and other silage alternatives, LABOREMUS’ bag-filling machine stores grass, maintaining the same nutrition value over time. This machine will help you avoid the high initial cost with masonry infrastructure, tractor and labor hours.

SBL35n has the advantage of wasting fewer materials due to the fractionation in bags ranging from 30 to 40 kg, with the additional flexibility to run at various times.

The Silage Bag Filler SBL35n is designed for small and medium farmers producing silage to market, and provides excellent compacting of grass, sugar cane, corn, sorghum, as well as alternative products, such as agro industrial waste.

SBL35n has a double propeller, exclusive brake system that allows to work in a more ergonomic position, and an automatic start-and-stop mechanism that allows the regulation of the length of the bag between 80 and 100 cm.

Techical Data:

MODEL/ Machine RPMSBL35N / 420 rpm
ELETRIC MOTOR3,0 CV monofásico
PRODUCTION1500 a 3000 Kg/h
WEIGHT PER BAG30 a 40 kg


Note: The productions depend on the material used, the degree of humidity and the number of people involved in the process.

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