Single-phase motors are ideal for relieving the starting torque surge, thus leaving softer starts without causing damage to the equipment. The motors that equip the Laboremus machines are manufactured with the highest technology and quality standards.

Techical Data:

Electric motor:
Power: 2,0to 3,0 HP
Rotation: 3500 rpm


Diesel/gasoline motor
Power: 4,0 to 6,0 HP
Rotation: 2000 to 3500 rpm

Machine rotation: 2625 rpm

Slicers Line – LABOREMUS’ slicers have a unique and exclusive feature, being the only system in the market which allows four different types of cuts just by changing the vertical knives set, slicing with precision and without damaging the nopal (cactus). They also cut trunks of cactuses, banana and cassava plants.

Includes set kit of combs with 3 and 7 blades, (knife set is optional).

Unique cutting

Slices nopal (cacti) with precision and no damaging.
Exclusive system that allows 4 different types of cut, just by changing the set of blades.

And more

  • Epoxy painting for more resistance and longer lifetime.
  • Self-compensating bearings for more durability.
  • Belt protections according to Brazilian safety norm NR12.
  • Easy maintenance and remote assistance.


Nopal (opuntia cochenillifera) and other cacti

Cut without vertical blades

Cut with 1 vertical blade

Cut with 3 Vertical blades

Cut with 7 vertical blades



Cut without screen



Nopal (cacti)2000 a 3000
Cassava1500 a 2000

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